Kemp Elektroniks MAXiiMUS P16 review

“Now what is THIS?” my pregnant wife asks me, while I was unpacking the Fostac MAXiiMUS P16 modified by Kemp Elektroniks in Holland. The answer is still blowing in the wind, I am really not sure what this is, it ́s not an amplifier, refrigerator or something that you ́d normally expect to have something do to within the four walls of your house. And as the “thing” doesn't have to be connected to your beloved HiFi system, how on earth should it make any difference? 

Many questions I had, and still have about the MAXiiMUS. The why ́s and how ́s are many, too many I cannot answer myself, so I give the word to Ronald Kemp who sent me this package just before X-Mas: 

Ronald Kemp:


“The principle of the MAXiiMUS is based upon the use of atomic resonances in the Terahertz range, the so-called phonons. For these phonons, designations like hyper waves, scalar waves, orgon and morphogenetic fields are used. 

These resonances exist by nature and are continuously generated by interaction between cosmic radiation and the earths’ atmosphere, by thermal activities in the inner part of the earth, by lightning, by displacements in the atmosphere and in water. These phonons, constantly generated by nature, create a global field that’s used by nature to transport information, and is used as an energy reservoir as well. Animals and humanity have developed their own highly complex senses for these hyper waves and use these as an internal as well as external communications medium. 

With the ongoing technical developments and processes, equipment has entered our lives that will locally change the global field dramatically and bring it out of its natural balance. Often, this is referred to as electro smog.

Extremely strong atomic resonances not only transfer information, they also have energetic properties. They can tear down molecular bindings and if the resonances are even stronger, they can separate the molecules into protons, neutrons and electrons. These free electrons are often referred to as free energy. 
The technical concept of the MAXiiMUS is capable of using phonons to generate electrons, which can be used effectively. 

Working principles of the MAXiiMUS

The MAXiiMUS has four different working principles: 

Transformation of free energy into electrical current
The generation of the high resonance amplitudes requires a substance in which standing waves are permanently urged, so matter constantly falls apart into its atoms, this way creating a constant source of free electrons. This task is fulfilled by the special glass fiber filled glass rods, called accumulators. They form closed resonators for resonances of atoms, in which in a one time action a certain field is saved by the use of Tachyons. If current flows through them, the axial copper conductors will collect free electrons, adding them to the electrical circuit from mains to load. Many users have noticed a decrease in power consumption by as much as 10 to 20 percent. 
Activation of further media, like gas and water
The MAXiiMUS has a special field that urges all media within reach contained in pipes to a higher oscillation amplitude. Due to this urge, gas and oil combustion will be influenced in a positive way, and can decrease consumption. A cleaning effect in water pipes is to be expected. 

Inner harmonization

Free standing parts in which media are floating, like central heating radiators, will spread the field from the MAXiiMUS to all rooms equipped with these radiators. There, a strong but smooth field will be generated, of which the resonance amplitudes in all directions will be equal, so the mean value is zero. Human beings will experience this field as very comforting. At the same time, the MAXiiMUS’ field will prevent the noise spectrum from outer fields from entering these rooms. All modern electric lights and household appliances, computers and home electronics generate hyper sound oscillations which will “collide” with the outer field, which will in turn strengthen the oscillations to questionable levels for your health. This strengthening effect will not occur with a MAXiiMUS in place. The noticeable decrease of oscillation level to a natural one, is called harmonization. 

Screening of outer fields

The harmonization of inner rooms of a building brought by the MAXiiMUS will cause outer fields to be reflected completely. Due to this effect, fields generated by water veins or earth rays as well as atmospherical effects like wind and lightning, or the hyper waves coming from wind turbines’ rotors, or the sometimes stronger global radiation due to solar bursts or falling stars, cannot penetrate into the building. Other hyper waves from eg. high voltage lines, radar, or various antennas of digital communications systems, will be blocked regardless their strength.” 

These were the words from Ronald Kemp.

What yours truly can say is that the MAXiiMUS P16 comes at 5 kg and only uses 0,4 Watt. It ́s based on the principles of harmonizing electrosmog, and the pictures I took together with USB and digital cables is just to show the size of the MAXiiMUS, and not meaning they have to be connected to the unit.

And what I also CAN say is that the MAXiiMUS does something similar as the Mad Scientist Audios sticks and Stein Harmonizers I tried some time ago. The sound in my listening room suddenly is more relaxed and more 3 dimensional. Songs are more fluently presented - as though they are floating in the sound space, and not coming from the speakers. It ́s not an easy task to judge the before and after with the MAXiiMUS. If you just plug it in and out of your HiFi system, your ears, and maybe your surroundings - will not easily adapt to the new sounds floating in space. It took me a while to get used to the “sound” of the MAXiiMUS, and it ́s not easy to describe the “effect” of it and what it does to the sound system. 

As with most HiFi systems, tweaks and cables amongst others, the result often is easiest heard while listening to the new “thing” for a week or two, and then just forget all about it. Removing the “thing” will easily show what it does/doesn ́t because you as a listener got adjusted to the sound over time, like it or not.
I did try to turn on the MAXiiMUS and to remove it again several times too fast, without any big audible result. But when I just let the P16 settle for a week and just let my ears adapt to the new sound, suddenly I was gobsmacked when I removed the MAXiiMUS. The sound stage collapsed, and small fragments in the sound space where not as present anymore. Let me tell you how I felt this: details like cymbals or background vocals stand in the middle of the sound listening room when I have the P16 connected. After I remove the MAXiiMUS, the soundstage and all the details collapse. The small, and for us HiFi lovers so important minute details are smeared, and not easy to find anymore in the sound space. They are still audible, just not floating nicely in the air anymore. An effect that is hard to describe - yet easy to discern if you know what to listen for.

It is as if the P16 does some kind of a spring cleaning - it ́s way easier to hear small changes in timbre and level. Without the MAXiiMUS it ́s just music, nice music though, but not as involving as with the unit. Strange because the P16 isn ́t even connected to the HiFi system.

And my wife? Her belly ́s getting bigger every day, and since the MAXiiMUS is residing at our humble home since the day in december, her wellbeing has increased dramatically she tells me.
The version I tested is the audio grade version, modified in Amsterdam. Kemp Elektroniks gives you a return policy if you should be in doubt, but if you are a HiFi lover like me, and just as curious and openminded then why not go for Kemp ́s 14 days return policy? Maybe it ́s not just your HiFi system that gets better? 


Ronald Kemp is an audiophile, an electronics expert and engineer, but besides his technical background he also is very interested in nature and the pollution of our environment via electro smog. Playing the piano and enjoying live music several times a week, Kemp is using his ears all the time, when not developing stuff for his company Kemp Elektroniks. My listening room has been filled with his great shunt conditioners for years, and they are quite frankly impossible to live without.

On his company website you can find products like the Quantum Plugs and Schumann resonators amongst other really exciting stuff: 

Including 1.5 m KE-Lo Power Cord 
Price approx.: €1,800.00 
Size: 32.3x18.8x6.2 cm 
Weight: 4.7 kg 

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