LittleZoe EL34 tube amplifier

LittleZoe is a concept high-end amplifier. Its innovative chassis architecture eliminates any noise that affects the tubes and therefore promotes the rendering of dynamic and vivid sound.
With an outstanding performance and an elegance that goes beyond modernity, LittleZoe becomes a new reference in tube amplifiers design.

Vacuum Tubes Design

Tubes give the absolute analog, organic, pleasant sound. There is more, magic.

Quality for a high-end tube amplifier means simple circuits implemented with top quality components.

On the other side, however, tubes are "living" components that react with the other parts of the amplifier. They are affected also from the surrounding sounds, the speakers and the environment. This resonance can cause microphonic sounds, ringing and distortion.

What makes LittleZoe exceptional

LittleZoe takes a big step to discard the noise that prevents the quiet operation of the tubes. The idea is to eliminate resonances that affect the overall clarity and definition of the produced sound.

The amplifier is made on a solid non-resonant chassis. All kind of noises dampen and disappear in the mass of the body.

Furthermore the huge transformers are isolated from the chassis and their energy is routed outside the amplifier, to the ground.

These measures preserve the purity of the sound and make LittleZoe a unique tube amplifier.

Solid Body

To achieve a "silent" background to the music, LittleZoe is assembled on a solid, one-piece body. The body is made by a special formula of fibered resin, using a special, layered moulding technique. The material has the feeling of stone. Any resonances vanish to the mass leaving the tubes unaffected by all other components.

Effective Dampening

Transformers produce a serious amount of vibrations. LittleZoe’s transformers are decoupled from the rest of the body with isolators.

Attached on a metal sub chassis, their energy is driven to the ground through cones, leaving the tubes totally unaffected.

Push-Pull operation

Handmade custom power and output transformers.
Special quality audio grade capacitors and selected components.
Tube amplifiers appear more powerful performers, capable of driving difficult speakers.
With EL34, output: 2x45 W