Neodio ORIGINE A2 integrated amplifier NEW

This amplifier uses new amplification architecture, designed entirely by St├ęphane Even. There are two- stages: a very low distortion voltage amplification stage using an operational video amplifier, and a current buffer stage using 8 MOS 16 amp transistors, all supplied by a 1 kW switching power supply. The printed circuit board structure is very compact and uses multilayer circuits. Another significant element: there is no negative feedback between the input and the output. Faithful to the concept of the ORIGINE range, the ORIGINE A2 integrated amplifier has a constrained layer chassis and weighs 25 Kg. It is equipped with three ORIGINE B1 in series. This amplifier can be used in a Home Theater system, by one of its 4 inputs (2 XLR and 2 RCA) becoming a power amplifier.
The power is 2x150W/8 ohms with very low distortion levels. ƒ The bandwidth before filtering is higher than 2 MHz. The noise level is very low.