Nubert nuPower A power amplifier - ultimate budget amp?

Nubert NUPOWER A power amplifier comes with 2 x 540 W of class AB power at the EUR 3.750. As company is stating, it was designed from ground up as an audiophile amp with selectable a, b, a + b operating modes… 

The Nubert NUPOWER stereo power amplifier comes with enormous power and audiophile delicacy, fully symmetrical design, selected components and optimized signal path. 

With a continuous output of 2x 540 Watt (4 ohm) and a generously sized switching power supply that provides up to 2,300 watts, drives the NUPOWER A can drive power-hungry speakers and enables the might potential of a high-end system to the full. 

NUPOWER A can also operate in mono mode providing up to 1,150 watts into the 4 ohms. Despite this concentration of power occur even at full modulation at no increased distortion factors. The signal to noise ratio of 117 dBA, and the total harmonic distortion (THD) of only 0.002% meet the highest levels of clarity and are in this price range in our opinion, unique.


Continuous power: 2x 540 Watt (4 Ohm, 0.5% THD + N)
Music performance: 2x 1,150 watts (4 ohms, 0.5% THD + N)
Fully balanced structure in Class AB technology
XLR and stereo RCA inputs
Fine threaded screw terminals up to 6 mm² cable cross section
Speaker selector switch and parallel operation of two pairs (a + b)
Optional mono operation (1,150 watts continuous output power, 4 Ohm, 0.5% THD + N)
Noise Ratio 117 dBA (1,000 watts), THD + N <0 .002="" i="">

The NUPOWER A has only two front controls: a speaker selector switch (operating modes: a, b, a + b) and a stand by button.