SA Lab Hercules Top End mono power amplifier NEW

Hercules — Master of Music

SA Lab Hercules Top End mono power amplifier — Master of Music NEW 

Mythological SA Lab power amplifier’s name reflects both huge output power being uncommon for tube audio gear and dramatic musical impact Hercules has upon listeners’ souls.
Fundamental design and profound musicality based on perfect control of any sound textures are immanent to SA Lab Hercules monos. Unlike its ancient Greek namesake SA Lab is able for much more than twelve Herculean labour!

Such a high output power of 250 W (4 Ohm) is possible due to unique output tetrode 6п45с (EL509) features including lowest internal impedance and high amount of impulse current of about 1A.

There are four 6п45с at Hercules push-pull output stage.
The other tubes Mr. Syomin used are 6п6 (driver stage) and 6072.
These are meticulously selected military grade tubes produced in USSR on 1970-80.

800 W power transformer feeds schemes including anodes and heating. Output transformer of the same parameters is designed by SA Lab and produced from the best Russian iron. Designer foreseed separate transformers for auxiliary circuits and volume meter.

Hercules strongest steel and aluminium shell has antiresonance coating. Relief face plate is produced from Corian (many colour options).

Hercules operational mode could be activated by rear toggle switch or trigger. For bi-amping convenience two pairs of binding posts are provided.

SA Lab Hercules has tremendous musical expressive potential. The main Hercules features are perfect controlling of all sound aspects, great power and stunning delicacy!

Technical specifications

Output power (4 Ohm), W — 250
Signal-to-noise ratio, dB — 96
THD, % — 0,1
Dimensions, mm — 460 х 130 х 450
Weight, kg — 55