Sonus faber - wood tells a story...


As the veining of the bark tells the story of the tree, the veining of a cabinet narrates Sonus faber’s history. Today we write about the beginning of the Arcugnano-based company and about its great speakers.

Sonus faber started from Parva, in 1983: a 2 way speaker, designed to make the difference for its sound, and to suit homes and listening rooms of any dimension. In the market of the Eighties there was no other speaker capable of reproducing the sound in such a natural way, also because it was the first one made in solid wood with a kevlar cones. So, Parva had company in the market very soon.

For a long time Sonus faber studied the way to make the cabinet sound like a musical instrument: starting from the materials, solid wood was a natural and sophisticated choice, comparing to what was used at that time by competitors. Moreover, walnut wood was selected by trusted Italian laboratories, because every product should have expressed the essence of the real Made in Italy, as it is still today.

Experimentations dealt not only with materials, but also with the system: trying to reduce the electroacoustic project to the basics, we gave birth to Minima, the 2-ways loudspeaker in walnut wood that, for the first time, had a back in leather and not in wood.

In 1991 Extrema changed the rules: being an “extreme” speaker, it had a very complex walnut cabinet, with decoupled sides: an hazard and a smart expedient at the same time, made in order to reach a purer and more natural sound. People wouldn’t expect less from the Sonus faber’s “supercar”, produced in only 1.000 pieces.

Wood and more: Sonus faber’s research on the uses of wood in music and, in particular, on the violin making tradition of Cremona, reached a new path in 1993 with Guarneri Homage: in this speaker, the typical lute shape matches with a majestic marble pedestal and with exquisite poetry details, as the protective mask that resembles the strings of a musical instrument. 

The research goes on and reaches a new point in 1995 with Concertino: this 2-ways walnut speaker is one of Sonus faber’s bestsellers still today, with 15.000 items sold worldwide.