The Chord Company cable line up reconstructed

The Chord Company, the UK’s biggest specialist A/V cable manufacturer, has completely restructured its cable line-up, with new ranges, exciting new additions and a simplified grouping system.
​The Chord Company’s product portfolio now comprises seven distinct ranges, from the entry-level C-series, to the flagship, no-compromise ChordMusic cables. The new ranges make it easy to discern between price points and performance levels and offers consumers a high-quality Chord cabling solution, regardless of budget. 

The new Chord product line-up comprises of: the C-series; Clearway, Shawline; Epic; Signature Tuned ARAY; Sarum Super ARAY and ChordMusic. Chord is particularly excited to have developed its original Tuned ARAY technology enabling the new line-up to feature ARAY, Tuned ARAY and Super ARAY interconnects. This brings the wonderful musical transparency that ARAY cable designs introduce, across all levels of system. 

Chord’s experience is that almost regardless of budget, ARAY-designed cables show how musically involving and coherent a system really is; even better, it shows just how good music can sound.