The Diapason experience

Last week I’ve spend two days in a wonderful company of Alessandro and Chiara from Diapason. I wanted to gain more in depth experience about their Dynamis flagship speakers, as well as to try out the Adamantes III 25th and Ástera monitors. 

So what is so interesting about the Diapason as a brand? Many things, but let me try to lay down few of the most interesting and impressive things. Diapason is producing loudspeakers for over 30 years with Adamantes reaching almost 30 years of production. Over the years little has changed with these impressive monitor speakers. Upgrades were made and approved only when there was a significant sonic advantage. There are a lot of happy customers from all over the world and such a long standing product offers something, that is very rare in our fast forward niche industry. Everyone can critically question the level of proud ownership with the products being updated each few months or once per year and compare to the products like Adamantes. Alessandro understood the importance of longitivtiy decades ago and such a prolonged product intervals reflects something that works as a mandatory rule in watch industry. Legendary brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin etc. understood a role of keeping the viable product in play for generations to come. You don’t change a product that provides constant sales and carries the brand’s aura and heritage. Such prolific product is an actual investment and a constant reminder what luxury and high performance stands for. Many high-end audio brands repeatedly fail to understand this simple, basic rule.

It was inspiring to hear brand’s top ties and practically compare them. All of them shares Diapason DNA signature, but with a distinctive differences. Adamantes III 25th is the easiest to integrate with the existing setup. The level of emotional interactiveness is impressive to put it lightly. Ástera steps up the on the ladder of high-performance and demands more peculiar and fine-tune setup. When connected to the balanced system it brings the impact, that is hard to forget. 

Diapason Dynamis flagship combines all the virtues of smaller brothers, but step up into the league of the big boys. Dynamis justify the price difference not only with its instantly captivating luxurious design and impressive size. It’s the performance that reveal the real musical potential.

Both Adamantes III 25th and Ástera can handle dynamic impact with ease, yet Dynamis open up the doors of tremendous attacks and depths. Dynamis was design to serve both moderate and larger listening room, offering deep controlled/focused bass, widen soundstage and impressive highs. Its the speaker, standing on its own and handling the pure, raw nature of music with ease.  

This is just s short introduction to the upcoming Diapason Dynamis review and announcement for the Adamantes III 25th and Astera upcoming tests later this year.

Allesandro and Chiara are wonderful people with wholehearted dedication and attention to everything surrounding their products and brand. Working with people and brand like Diapason is a dream come thought a reviewer… Going home inspired about music and high-end audio is one of the biggest treasures for working in this industry and honest, passioned and open minded people like Alessandro and Chiara are real gems. 

At my first day visit we visited nearby Iseo lake, that is one of Italy’s hidden treasures. In a prolonged walks, in depth pleasant talks and superb dinner on the island I’ve learn more about Alessandro experience with live recordings, his role as musician and painstaking dedication for his products. A true gentleman, with most positive nature and a real music connoisseur. This trip felt more like visiting old friends sharing the same passion and respect for music as well as life’s finest gifts. Hard work indeed ;)…

Stay tuned for more soon. Full photo set bellow...