Acoustical Systems APOLYT turntable in Munich

For the first time ever the APOLYT turntable will be on display at Munich in Hall 4 T19. The APOLYT turntable is built out of the imagination of Dietrich Brakemeier and is set to be one of the, if not the most expensive and high-end turntable on the market! Everything on the APOLYT is built to the highest standards with the best possible materials and precision engineering that Germany is known for.

The famous AXIOM tonearm will no doubt be in the Acoustical Systems room as well as the widely loved SMARTractor. The SMARTractor is the best alignment tool in the world, it is easy to use and after watching the demo video one time you will have it down to a science. This tool should be in every audiophile’s tool kit.

Everything Acoustical Systems builds is designed and built to be the best possible solution. Two new products will be coming to the show and will be following in the high standards of engineering we are accustomed to from Acoustical Systems. The two new products are: a new LOMC Cartridge the Palladium and a new passive air-suspension isolation platform the AIRframe. Make sure you stop by Acoustical Systems at Hall 4 T19 to check these out.