Aries Cerat Symphonia horn speakers video

The Aries Cerat Symphonia is a 3-way hornspeaker combining a Raal aluminum-foil ribbon tweeter loaded into a "zero-diffraction 360° continuous flare horn" made of solid wood. The equivalent midrange horn loads a 4" Titanium driver with 11kg motor whose output can be altered via a multi-tap transformer.

The midbass/bass horn is a 3m long rear horn with large mouth area and "true Tractrix flare formed by stacked sheets of Plywood without any internal sharp angles or geometric deviations from the flare".

The external crossover "consists of three constant group delay filters which in combination with physical time alignment create near-perfect time response and ±0.5dB amplitude linearity from 250Hz-20kHz".

Sensitivity is 101dB, claimed response (-3dB) is 32Hz to 100kHz, weight is 150kg/ea. and dimensions are 93 x 130 x 88cm WxHxD.