Bauta state of the art speakers

Bauta is a 3-way passive loudspeaker with an additional active subwoofer. The idea behind the design was to build a full range high-end system capable of faithful sound reproduction of recorded music, while also serving as a tool for audio engineers specialising in music mastering where critical judgment is crucial. Therefore we did not compromise in the creation of Bauta loudspeakers.

Heavily braced sealed enclosures were designed with no parallel walls inside, thus eliminating the problem of standing waves. The cabinet consists of 3 parts - the subwoofer covering the subsonic frequencies, the C shape bass segment responsible for reproducing the bass frequencies, and the satellite, which handles the mids and highs. In order to eliminate vibrations, each segment was physically spaced from each other and internally damped with laboratory tested and patent protected material.

Our flagship loudspeaker brings together a series of reference components within an exceptional cabinet design. The finest quality materials are utilised throughout starting with crossover circuits that use only the finest capacitors and inductors. We employ the best quality drivers, as well as very rigid and dense MDF specially handpicked for our enclosures. We take pride in both the art and science of engineering. Our approach is to push both technical and artistic boundaries further at each stage of the design and production processes. Our system has been optimised to provide the most accurate performance possible. In order to achieve perfect transient response, we use only sealed enclosures for all our loudspeakers.

Understanding the importance of the driver's acoustic centres, their time/phase alignment is one of the key issues properly applied in Bauta loudspeakers. We conducted extensive laboratory tests and achieved sample accurate time alignment measurements of the drivers at the “sweet spot” listening position. To achieve this, we tilted the bass drivers and shifted the tweeter back accordingly. These measurements also determined the unusual shape of the enclosure.
The visual appearance has been enriched with a combination of ebony and high-gloss black piano finish. The addition of the unique arc-shaped sides results in a highly sophisticated and original design. The combined effect of all this precision engineering, technical innovation and exceptional look brings together the perfect loudspeaker.

Technical Specification:

Sensitivity - 91db for 2.83 volt at 1 meter
Nominal Impedance - 4 ohm
Frequency Response 18hz - 30khz
Crossover Frequencies - 150 hz/1.9 khz
Max SPL - 120 db at 1 meter
Drive Units:
1 x 15 inch subwoofer driver
2 x 10 inch woofers
2 x 6,5 inch midwoofers
1 x 4 inch tweeters
Crossover Type - Passive
Enclosure Type - Closed
Recommended amp power - 300 - 1000 W
Dimmensions [ H x W x D ] - [ 190 cm x 54 cm x 103 cm ]
Weight - 200 kg