Gryphon Audio Kodo speaker system

Gryphon Audio is introducing the all new ultimate flagship Kodo speaker system.

This is another milestone in the history of the iconic high end audio company from Denmark. As a part of the buying package Kodo system is coming with special premium customer service. After three months from installation Gryphon representative will personally visit the owner and recheck the if the system is performing on the proper level.

But that's not all. Every three months the new owner will receive a new exclusive collectors item CD for two years special musical recordings produced by the Gryphon. Those CDs will not be available for sale.

Any Kodo owner will be also entitled to a special discount for the electronic at the time of purchase.

This are the Gryphon’s biggest speakers and Kodo names reflects clearly the massiveness and delicacy of the legendary Japanese traditional drum.

Tweeter and mid driver tower comes as modular system consisting of three modules.

Kodo cabinets are made from MDF covered by the aluminum side panels any buyer can order any colour combination.

Bass towers are powered by the 1000 watts dedicated power amplifier and volume can be set by the remote. Bass towers can go down to impressive 6hz.

With sensitivity of 96db Kodo’s can be driven by even by low powered amplifier.