Merrill Audio Gold series Christine Reference Preamplifier NEW

Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC announces the Gold series Christine Reference Preamplifier at $12,400. Presented at T.H.E. Show 2016, Newport, Room 1417.
19th May, 2016. Press Release

Press Release: Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC is proud to announce the gold series Christine Reference Preamplifier Finally, experience the illusion of space with detail, midrange and a solid holographic image.  Hear the speed and bottom end grip with slam on the music. The Christine Reference Preamplifier from Merrill Audio is the finest preamplifier to date that delivers a superb, musically engaging presentation.  Fully engaging, never fatiguing. The Christine Reference Preamplifier will make you sit up in your chair in wonder and realism.

See it at the World Premiere at T.H.E Show 2016, California, Room 1417.

The Christine Reference Pre-amplifier is built with the finest components and attention to every detail like never before. Hand routed PCB layout of each trace, the placement of the trace, the length of the trace, the multistage power supplies, the selection and matching of the finest components, balanced configuration, isolation of power, all hand soldered connections, Silver plated pure copper wire with Teflon sleeving are only some of the engineering that make the Christine Reference Pre-amplifier so special.  Each unit is hand built and tested from the board level up to the finished unit. An external AC/DC Power supply unit ensures very quiet operations. The multistage power supply is so good, that power cords do not make a difference and the unit is impervious to noise on the AC line.

Early critics of the Christine Reference Preamplifier testify, “excellent micro- and macro-dynamics, and high levels of detail and transparency” and “Because of it’s speed and “punch”, it’s LOTS of fun to listen to; no “laid back” sound here! Lot’s of rhythm and drive.”

With the award winning Amplifiers like the VERITAS Monoblocks , Thor Monoblocks and Jens Phono stage called, “The best phono stage I have ever heard”, by Harry Weisfeld, Merrill Audio has been providing one of the highest performance Audio products that include Power Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers, Phono Pre-amplifiers, Interconnects, Speaker Cables and Power Cords.


Frequency Response: to 800kHz 0.1db, 1.5MHz -3db
S/N:  110db
THD: 0.003%
Volume control:  -84db to +26db, 0.5dB steps, -84db attenuation, +26dB gain
Pre-set Gain range:  +/- 12db
Maximum volume and Minimum Volume Setting Range: 0 to 115db.
Input voltage Max:    +/- 10 Volts
Output Voltage Max: +/- 12 Volts
Inputs:   4 Balanced inputs
Outputs: 2 Balanced Outputs
Remote Trigger at 12 Volts, 20mA.
External Power Supply that is double fused.
1.25 inch White LED display.
Absolute Polarity selection: 0, 180