T+A at the Munich show

"Theory and Application will have two rooms with full set-ups of their new gear, the Pulsar Speakers and the brand new E-Series will be on display in one room. They will also have the DAC 8 DSD, which has been selling like wildfire here in the States, in suit D102. The Pulsar speakers, ST-20 Floor Standing and R-20 Bookshelves, are set to be the most affordable speakers from T+A yet! Even with the slim cabinets T+A set out to still have the ability to radiate low bass cleanly and at high pressure, while still having the treble and mid-range that T+A is used too.  In order to accomplish these tasks, the engineers were forced to develop all new driver technology. The bass units have complex baskets made of pressure-cast aluminum and extremely powerful magnets, with a brand new suspension system.

In suite D105 you will have hourly demo sessions with a complete HV series and the CWT 1000-8 SE speakers. The HV series will consist of a PDP 3000HV, P3000HV, 2xA3000HV, 2xPS3000HV and their power bar and wiring from T+A. This is the best of the best from T+A and you will not want to miss it."

Location: A3.1 D102/D103/D105