VacuumGlow VacuumGlow nixie tube clock

The Russian company VacuumGlow presented the unique product at HIGH END show in Munich…

The largest and the most prestigious trade fair for high quality consumer electronics took place in Munich from the 5th to 8th of May. The unusual product of Russian company VacuumGlow, nixie tube clock based on the gas-discharged indicators, attracted attention of sound lovers.

The 35th oldest international exhibition for the audio industry was held in Munich from the 5th to 8th of May. Audiophiles from all over the world gathered in Bavarian capital hunting for innovations in high-quality entertainment industry. Manufactures exhibited the last inventions: various modern music systems with luxurious design, audio and video devices, innovative entertainment technologies. The analog technology has not lost its popularity over time. Audiophiles and audio enthusiasts appreciate tube amplifiers for high fidelity and rich warm sound. 

At the HIGH END exhibition, the Russian company VacuumGlow introduced one more use of the technologies from the past – the nixie tube clock. Gas-discharged indicators that represent the time at the VacuumGlow clock were the technical breakthrough in the middle of the 20th century. They were used for displaying the digital information on production equipment, calculators, New York Stock Exchange and, even more, in submarines. However, in the 70-s new technologies cut them out.

Vacuum tube based equipment in combination with modern and innovation solution allows creating high-quality audio devices. The technology of the past is perfectly combined with the cutting-edge technology of the VacuumGlow clock. The clock is run by an application on a smartphone, is equipped with sensors and it synchronizes with GPS. The clock was designed and manufactured in Russia in accordance with the international quality standard.

The soft glow of indicators adds the flow to lines of the clock’s case and completeness to the image of the clock. The VacuumGlow nixie clock will be the gem of an interior of a sound lover.

The product of the VacuumGlow attracted attention of visitors not only due to magnetic design; the VacuumGlow gave an opportunity to relax from the variety and wealth of sound.