Aries Cerat impact in Malaysia

Aries Cerat Chief Designer, Stavros Danos has successfully etched his name among some Malaysian audiophiles and audio distributors whom had the pleasure to witness his Kassandra Signature 2 Limited Edition DAC.

He witnessed some of our better audio system here. At each site, the Kassandra Signature 2 Limited Edition DAC did not fail to impress the audience of what "digital done right" was all about. Some audiences may differ in opinion of what the DAC was great about since that DAC was hooked up on different audio system with different group of audiences. Generally, the finding was that the DAC brought about detail, texture, layering, atmosphere, dynamic, transient, nuance and attack on the lower region. All of these criteria add up to a higher level of naturalness and realism that was hard to beat for most DACs that I had experienced.

Now, many may not have heard of Aries Cerat but things will change for those of us here...WOW! — Dato' Danon Han