Aries Cerat Kassandra 2 Signature Limited Edition DAC impact

If a designer has the keen ear for life musical instruments and voice his design based on that sound (quality) then the result can be quite astonishing. I m astonished with the performance of this DAC. In term of technology, the DAC may not spell out the latest or technological breakthrough that is unheard of. I must say "but" the result is "unheard" of in term of from the digital format to my 'analogue ear'. 

I have friends that claimed to be able to live with this DAC without their analogue rig...even though he has amassed some collection of great LPs!

As far as I m concerned, this DAC represent 'digital done right' in the highest musical sense...wait for the full review when the DAC comes back to my audio den! - Dato’ Danon Han.