Blood, Sweat & Tears Greatest Hits SACD

"Audio Fidelity SACD "Blood, Sweat & Tears Greatest Hits" first time all-stereo coming!  Mastered by me & my buddy Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering. This is one like no other I've ever worked on.  We are using the actual correct 45 versions, including never released original stereo "hit" mixes that have been lost until now!

Sony put a "vault call" out for every version of these songs to see if we could  find all stereo "hit" radio versions of these songs. The original LP has some mono on it but I felt there MUST be actual stereo in the same mix style and length as the monos and there were, mismarked, now found after 46 years!  Thank you so much, Sony!!

So,this version will be all stereo, all correct single versions and all from original tapes. It was a struggle but it turned out quite well.

By the way it was not possible to just cut down stereo album masters to match the hit mixes, there were mix moves that were unique to the "hit versions" that were not on the LP versions.  We found those versions but in true stereo.  Fun!

Coming soon, stay tuned." - Steve Hoffman