Blue Moon Audio Technology LS 3 ultimate speaker system

You never know what to expect exactly with the exotic, ultimate explorations in high end audio. There are many ideas, concepts and products that are realised up to the certain level, yet too often I see partially finished products, that are able to present certain aspects of the sound, but fail in brining the complete, coherent sonic presentation. 

This time I was pleasantly surprised. 

Blue Moon Audio Technology LS 3 ultimate five way speakers implements low order crossovers, two active sealed bass towers, dynamic midbass drivers, midrange drivers, ribbon tweeter tower and one super ribbon tweeter per side. Complete central towers are dipol with adjustable side wings.  

When it comes to the unaltered ultra high end audio reproduction there is a little or no competition with the dipole/ribbon based speakers. 

Blue Moon Audio Technology LS 3 speaker system is seriously pushing the bar of ultimate sound reproduction, acting on a very different plane of reality.  

After sobering impact of the LS3 my mind switched into the contemplating mode repetitively asking the same question: "Is this the perfect path to the ultimate sound?"

More coming...