Code Acoustics speaker system NEW

You'll be pleased to know we don't offer 32 different speaker models, only serving to bewilder you. We currently offer one system that will work very well in all but the largest of rooms. It consists of 'TOP-1', which reproduces the mid and high frequencies. 'BASS-1', which as you would imagine covers the bass region. Then there is 'CONTROL-1', which is a very clever unit containing a 6-channel DSP / Preamp as well as 6 high quality power amplifiers. Just add a source, such as a CD-Transport, Music Server, Laptop etc. and away you go!


TOP-1 is a top quality, dedicated mid / high frequency speaker.

The midrange drive unit (left) is an extremely high quality Scan Speak Illuminator unit, almost exclusively found on designs costing 10's of thousands of pounds. So it's fair to say, it's pretty good! 

We've mated this with an absolute gem of a tweeter from Scan Speak's Classic range, to give a beautifully neutral and revealing sound.

TOP-1 passes over to BASS-1 using 4th order crossovers at 250Hz. By taking the bass duties away from the midrange driver, clarity is greatly reduced. 

By placing the mids and tweeters in a separate box, you get far better mechanical isolation, which translates to a clearer midrange in particular.

The cabinet is 18mm solid Oak lamella, which not only looks beautiful, but is extremely stiff. It's also got heavily radiused edges to reduce edge diffraction.


'BASS-1' is a dedicated bass cabinet designed to compliment 'TOP-1'. It contains two of the finest bass drivers available, made on the South coast of England by the world renowned Volt loudspeaker company.

The cabinet is constructed of 18mm solid Oak lamella panels, with a 24mm thick panel on the baffle. Bracing is used extensively to provide a super rigid structure, giving a far tighter bass.

There are also 4 cavities that can be filled with sand, which does a fantastic job of damping the cabinet. This not only helps 'BASS-1', but also 'TOP-1', as it's using 'BASS-1' for a platform.

The bass drivers use a massive magnet (as shown below), super ridgid chassis and a light yet stiff paper cone, offering a fantastic power-to-weight ratio for tight, fast bass.


'CONTROL-1' is a pretty exciting piece of kit. In one box you have a very high quality 6 channel DSP with integrated pre-amp, handling audio up to 24bit 192kHz. In addition there are 6 cutting edge Class-D amplifiers.

Having everything in one box keeps things nice and simple, and you only need a single power lead. Simply add a source such as a PC, CD-Transport, Streamer etc. and you're good to go.

On the back panel there is a whole host of audio inputs including USB, AES, Optical, SPDIF & XLR analogue.

In terms of amplification, the mids and tweeters each have 180 watts into 4 Ohm @ 1%THD. The bass drivers have 400 watts into 4 Ohm @ 1%THD as well as their own, separate power supplies. So in total that's 1520 watts of very high quality power! 

Please don't think that means the speakers are designed for people that just want to blast music out. The system can do that, if required, but the real driver is to allow the amps to run at 'tick-over', producing extremely low levels of distortion.

As opposed to your standard 50wpc amp, which is running at far higher distortion levels, and doesn't have the power reserves to accurately reproduce bass transients.