ERC Leonid Kogan plays the Brahms Violin Concerto limited vinyl NEW

Leonid Kogan plays the Brahms Violin Concerto22 June 2016 by Electric Recording Co. A sophisticated and elegant execution of the Brahms Violin Concerto, as one would expect from arguably the greatest soviet violinist of the 20th century.  This concerto is well suited to Leonid Kogan’s style of violinism, it feels effortless yet with a direct and lethally precise delivery only achievable by the most advanced technicians.  Emotional content is not lacking either in this masterful performance – beauty with intensity.

Born in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, on November 14, 1924, Kogan initially studied under Philip Yampolsky and then later under Abram Yampolsky, the former being a pupil of the famous Hungarian Jewish violinist, Leopold Auer.  These solid foundations provided the platform for Kogan to further develop and explore his own style of playing – based on a clinical style of execution and technique. Kogan was married to the violinist Elisabeth Gilels (they can be heard playing together on ERC008 – Sonatas for Two Violins), the sister of the famous pianist Emil Gilels.  Kogan died on December 17, 1982 of a heart attack. At the time he was travelling by train between Moscow and Yaroslavl where he was due to give a performance with his son.

Having already released both the Beethoven and Tchaikovsky violin concertos by Kogan, ERC are delighted to issue the Brahms to complete the trinity of these great concerti.  We have come full circle, the Brahms was known to be one of Kogan’s favourite violin concertos, it was also the repertoire selected for his official debut with the Moscow Philharmonic in 1941.  It is fitting now that we approach the Brahms with the same vigour and fanatical attention to detail that this enthralling performance demands.

As we anticipate demand on this title to be high and the allocation is limited, ordering priority will be given to our best and most long standing customers.  The pre-release price of this edition will be £300* and is available to order now directly from our website .

* Post release price may vary subject to availability