Göbel High End loudspeakers system impact...

Göbel High End loudspeakers system with its newly designed and less imposing subwoofer made WOW factor at the recent Munich High End 2016. Some may argue that more dynamic or wallop was desired but, I beg to differ. That system proved an immersive and engaging soundstage with all the musical elements intact. 

Every detail, texture and layer of every musical instrument were clearly presented without any hint of harshness or unpleasantness. Musical notes flow with such ease and freedom. The designer of Kronos turntable, Louis Desjardins believed that that system showcased his turntables' performance in an enlightened light that surprised him. 

I must add that the loudspeakers system also showcased the musical delivery of the CH Precision electronics. 

My salute to all parties involved in that room...enjoyed greatly, I did. - Dato’ Danon Han - Mono and Stereo Senior Contributing Editor