MSB Select DAC II review is coming

Just re-seting up the system (with two Golden Dragons) and its time to explore the extreme, state of the art digital audio intimately. MSB Select DAC II is in my system and getting ready for in depth listening sessions. 

These days I’m rarely over hyped or uberly excited, yet constitutional grounds of Upper Echelon audio realms were shaken for me after the impact the MSB flagship DAC. There is something above just sounding right (which is as rare as gem stone in digital) when digital to analog conversion is handled via MSB Select II. This DAC is finally eliminating the gap between digital and analog ultra high-end audio reproduction and I’m really thrilled not only to explore how far Select goes, but also that subject of my ultimate digital audio quest is being addressed way beyond expected.

I’ve been closely following the rise of digital from eighties on both pro and high-end audio sides, but skipped few years for the real lack of desired sound reproduction. My interest was ignited again by ladder - R2R DAC’s some years back. There was something unique and very different from delta sigma process and my inner detectors went off.

Fast forward to present and my interested is not only restored, but epicenter was pin pointed with laser precision :).

Yes, this is 100k+ products and many audiophiles instantly label s something that is out of the reach with a certain sticker. Similar to ultra high-end car or watch industry, I’m first and foremost an utmost enthusiast willing to learn and explore what is possible with current technology and R & D. I want to know how far everything can be pushed and related to music; how close we can come to the reality.

Let us not forget that state of the art products always bring positive impact where trickled down technology in due time reaches the product of more affordable pricing. 

More to come…

Matej Isak