Synergy room...

Synergy is not an easy thing to accomplish, and the more elements we mix, the less easy it gets. However, every once in a while we get it right, and this room was an example whether you liked the sound, or not. It was very nice to feel the whole system evolving, to live the improvement that day after day was happening, and how it was reflected in sound quality as time passed. I wish the show would have lasted a few more days to witness the full potential I think the system was capable of.  

Speakers: Tune Audio Anima + Kion Subs.
Preamp: Trafomatic Audio Luna
Phono preamp: Trafomatic Audio Lara
Amp monoblocks: Trafomatic Audio Elysium
Streamer: Rockna Audio Wavedream NET 
DAC: Rockna Audio Wavedream Edition 
Turntable: Klimo Tafelrunde
Rack: Paralyse Audio KEO
Power treatment: Trafomatic Audio Classic 1000 x2 
Cables: Hemingway The Creation Advance, all around. 

Once entered the room a cozy and comfy atmosphere welcomed the visitor. It was probably a  mix of proper light conditions, the warm colors from all the gear, the purple curtains, and the beautiful wood tonalities of the horns contrasting with the yellowy golden aluminum parts and themes on the semi-matt black bodies of the almighty Elysium mono-blocks. I saw many people come and go and was nice to observe their reactions, almost everyone smiled when they came in and saw the set-up, and if the music playing in that moment was appealing to them, they surely stayed longer to recreate the senses.

Cozy atmosphere

I’m not familiar at all with Hemingway cables or Rockna Audio and Klimo products, so no criterion to say anything relevant about their performance, sound was fantastic with both digital and analog sources. I played some records on the Klimo, and learnt how to use ROON app while playing with Nicolae’s tablet every time Manolis trusted me on the DJ task.  It was time to play some of my music that Nucu previously uploaded to the Rockna Wavedream NET internal hard disk, and enjoy some familiar tracks to get an idea of what I was hearing. No need to say that Munich rooms are not at all the best place to judge any audio system capabilities, IMHO.

With little to none acoustic treatment in the room (curtains, chairs, exhibitors' stuff, and people), the sound and scene were pretty convincing. Even sharing wall with the thundering earthquake that the Dolby Atmos room on our left created every five minutes, even after that, sound was very good. 

Tune Audio

Horns sound like horns, and I was not sure about my feelings with the Anima speakers, the only positive memory of them I had was from Munich 2014. Luckily not all of them sound alike, there are big and subtle differences between them, and as usual, it depends on personal taste to like them or not.

At first I missed some treble, but it was a temporary sensation that vanished when my brain got used to the relaxed and detailed sound, though is good to know there are two Mids and Highs fine-tuning knobs on the back bottom of the speakers to please every listener’s requirements.

Elysium top covers removed for photo session
Mids, with the signature of a wood horn loaded driver, were smooth and detailed, with enough body to sound real and coherent. Manolis told me he had to modified the 5 inch driver to handle the new working conditions boxed in an enclosure that made the air compression ratio up to 4:1. 

The 15 inch bass driver facing downwards on the top of the horn cabinet, produces a bass amount that would be sufficient for many room applications. For the exhibition, a pair of 12 inch Kion subs were used to reproduce the lower frequencies and complete the bandwidth. They are powered by a D-Class Hypex module amplifier that features multiples adjustments as: Volume control, Phase 0-360 deg, Crossover frequency 30-120Hz,  Bassboost frequency 20-50Hz and level 0 – +6db.

Bass was correct, no judgement in such a hostile environment, do not forget the Dolby room and its earth shaking bass. 

After three days of extended listening, I came back home and played some music, it was then when I realized how much I was missing the Animas’ sound, once I got used to it, I was hooked.  

I also realized that the missed treble was because the reference of my home system, that sounds a bit rich on the high part of the spectrum, agravated by its current configuration, but that’s a story for another day.

Trafomatic Audio

Lara + Elysium + Luna ended up being a magical combo. Although they had just a few hours of working time on them when they arrived to Munich, as mentioned before, the last day you could really notice an opening, a very pleasant decongestion in sound that I think was appreciated by listeners, I did.  The sound improvement in Luna phono pre-amp was the most evident to me, analog playing was very good on the last day of the show.

Love the EMERGENCY red button
About the Elysium amplifiers, what to say?, they made some noise, that’s for sure. Hundreds of pics were taken by most of the people that passed by the room, they were stunned by the impressive look of the mono-blocks and their audio performance.   

Retail price is certainly not for everybody’s pocket, but for those who have the appetite and matching wallet for a 70 watts SE triode power amplifier, with its rewards and drawbacks, these probably should be on the top of your wish list. A special amplifier for a demanding customer. 


Special mention for the rack maker, the Paralyse Audio KEO turned out to be a pleasant surprise for the curious me.  With all the gear on working place, and from a far enough distance to the listening position to not distinguish shapes or materials, it looked like nothing special, so, there it was. 

KEO  (pic from Paralyse website)
Out of curiosity I asked the price and that made it even less interesting because from my ignorance I thought it was overpriced.  On sunday when the show was over and everyone started to pack their stuff, the Paralyse guys came to pick up theirs, and it was when I could watch the whole disassembling and packaging was quite an experience.

If I remember correctly, there were four big wood boxes total, one of them bigger than the other three. Every part had its specific place in the foam shaped interior of the custom made storage boxes, the bigger box was for main parts of the frame, and the other three boxes were for each one of the shelves with their corresponding arms and bolds. The process took nearly an hour and was really interesting to watch.  The owner, designer and maker of the rack kindly answered every question I asked, so I could learn about the quality of the selected used materials, the clever ideas and concepts applied to its construction, and how everything was engineered to result in a flawless final product, a work of art. Once assembled has a near 170 kg robust stance and feeling. It has multiple leveling adjustments and fine-tuning parts to find the perfect balance. The though of it being expensive suddenly was gone for good. 
Sorry, I can not give an opinion on acoustics. I just wanted to share the experience as a fan of quality things.  

Quality details everywhere
Let’s wait for next year exhibition to see if the wish of Tune Audio to present a brand new bigger horn speakers, with Trafomatic even bigger amplifiers, becomes true. See you there to find out. 

Thanks for reading.

Vicente Monrabal