Tellurium Q cables insights

Hidden In Plain Sight

"As you may already know, Tellurium Q® are multi-award winning audio cables that are still hand built in Britain for performance.  The people at Tellurium Q® have remained tight lipped about how they produce their results for many years now but the secret is out.

Any cable from any manufacturer will act as an electronic filter. This always happens and it doesn’t matter who makes a cable it is just one of those immutable laws of physics.

It is all about the materials and how they work together in the signal path.  Sounds easy but this is part science and part art that involves an awful lot of iterative testing.When a signal travels through a cable the various frequencies of the signal are shifted relative to one another. A small change in a material used can completely through a sound out of kilter. Think of an oil painting becoming smeared or trying to look through ever so slightly frosted glass at your favourite image. That is the bad news, an unfortunate reality.

The engineering challenge is to focus on the materials, processes and geometries to such an extent that the filter becomes as neutral and transparent as possible giving you a natural open sound reducing smearing or like looking through a crystal clear glass.

This is what Tellurium Q® has being doing consistently and why, for example, in just the last two years they have collected nine product of the year awards.

By embracing the fact that you are dealing with a filter design and balancing how the signal passes through the various conductors and dielectrics of a Tellurium Q® product you can hear something very special has been achieved.

And the secret, just look at the company name that little letter Q at the end is a reference to the quality factor (Q) in filters, an acknowledgement of how they develop their surprising cables. Hidden in plain sight all this time!"