Vibex Monico power distributor/filter

Monico power distributor/filter is named after the Spanish inventor Monico Sanchez. Cliff wanted to pay his respect to Sanchez work and cherish his life’s work. 

All the sockets are custom made and CNC machined from Corian with special connectors having 2 micron platinum plating. Monico comes as a sandwich structure of Corian, solid zebra wood, elostomer and complete structure is mounted on a carbon fibre feet filled with pure titanium rode. 

Monico offers 15 inputs as standard. Normal production model comes with ten filtered and five unfiltered sockets. 

Customer can first try and see what suits him best and  decide about what kind of configuration he wants. Vibex will then upgrade each Monico if desired. 

Monico will be priced at around 10k Eur.