GG Audio Equinox Class A tube amplifier

GG Audio Equinox is a Single ended, two stage, class A tube amplifier without NFB, dual-mono construction, implementing Russian 6P9 (6П9), Russian GMI-11 (ГМИ-11) and Russian 6D20P (6Д20П) tubes.

Оutput transformers are custom made on double C-core. Stepped volume control (24 steps) - NOS RFT rotary switch with silvered contacts and precise low-noise 1% metal film resistors. 

Interstage capacitors are Jantzen Superior Z-cap. Signal wire is special construction silvered wire, made by Valab. Silver solder STANNOL is used for all solder joints. Automation for delayed and gradual increase of anode voltage to ensure longer life of the tubes. Integrated EMI-filter, which improves overall signal/noise ratio and increases the dynamic range of the amplifier. DC heating for input. Housing is solid wood - European Walnut (Juglans regia), material for chassis and other details - white technical stone (Corian).

Power before clipping is 20W/channel; frequency response is 16Hz-60kHz (-3dB); SNR ("A") 97dB