Kronos Pro LE turntable impact...

“It's indeed a privilege to have the opportunity to listen to Kronos Pro with the latest super duper power supply. Thanks to Louis Desjardins who set it up ably supported by his excellent distributor Victor Pheh of Hifi Creations .

What can I said ? It certainly shine outstandingly in my set up. The new PSU make a v good and reasonably priced Kronos Pro TT to a outstanding TT. I was told that the PSU is equipped with 32 farads of pure energy powerful enough to use for welding!!! It can be used to isolate the TT by allowing the TT to seat on top of it. I’m sure some will ask how is it compare to my Air Force One turntable + Axiom + A90 cartridge. Let's do the maths. My Air Force One turntable is probably 30% more expensive that Kronos pro + new PSU. Axiom arm doubles the price of black beauty tonearm. A90 5 years old cartridge is 1/2 price of ZYX Universe II.

As a complete system Kronos is cheaper. Sadly for me, with the current set up I like Kronos better!

Need to work on my alignment and put up a better cartridge to compete with Kronos 😰😂. Does it mean I will give up my Air Force One turntable? Not so fast!!! Let's see what happen when I re-tweak my set up. This is only my initial impression after listening to it for 2-3 hours” - Song Soon Onn.