Kronos Pro Ltd and Super Charged Power Supply review is coming up

“The all new and optional upgrade for the already great turntable, the Kronos Pro Ltd is the Super Charged Power Supply (SCPS-1) for its DC motors. To me, the Kronos Pro Ltd represent the very top tier of performance from the analogue turntable(s), and at a price that is affordable to more than the upper echelon statement turntable(s). Given in the very top tier of audio system, the differences in performance between the Kronos Pro Ltd with the rest of the best from some well known audio brands is not much. Some would argue that they hear "more music" from the Kronos Pro Ltd but I have yet to hear otherwise. 

You can imagine my sentiment when I m told that the SCPS-1 could elevate the Kronos Pro Ltd to a whole new platform of performance(?). Well, I am hearing what the designer, Louis Desjardins intended for that upgrade to be on the turntable. The review is on the works and will be in Mono & Stereo” - Dato’ Danon Han.