Miyajima Zero Mono cartridge and Telos Audio Design Quantum sticker impact

The Miyajima Zero Mono cartridge with the Telos Audio Design Quantum stickers. 

"Last night I set up this mono cartridge upon my newly acquired tonearm from Thomas Schick. If anyone knows anything about Thomas Schick product may notice that the detachable head shell is not from him (but from Ortofon). It was unfortunate that my purchased graphite head shell that came with the 12" tonearm (and the Garrard turntable) was damaged in its foamed box at transportation (that story for later). 

Today, my story is about what I heard from that combo. I must stress that with the right mono recording LPs, you may experience a whole new level of detail, separation, soundstage, transient and dynamic. I am particularly surprised at the width, height and depth of the whole stage of Count Basie's orchestra through that combo. If I didn't know better, I may have sworn that I was hearing a stereo playback. The separation among the musicians was clearly distance and space out. The timbre, textures, nuances and energy from each musical instrument was clearly presented. 

There was articulation and direction in the mid to the lower region of the bandwidth. That is something to behold. To me that little quantum sticker worked!" - Dato’ Danon Han