PS Audio's LANRover USB isolator NEW

LANRover Transports USB Audio! Isolates, improves sound, overcomes distance restrictions...

PS Audio is proud to introduce LANRover, the digital audio equivalent of our Power Plant products. Just as Power Plants isolate, clean, and regenerate AC, LANRover galvanically isolates a computer or server from the DAC, buffers and retimes packets of audio data, and allows the use of a LAN, rendering USB's 5-meter limit irrelevant. Computer noise and jitter are eliminated, along with all other USB issues.

LANRover is a matched-pair solution to the problems of USB audio. The first of the two devices connects to the USB output of the computer or server, and removes timing, noise, jitter, ground, and power supply voltages from the computer, and generates a new, individually-packetized datastream. Unlike USB audio packets, the new data are in a different format, one that is free of USB’s shortcomings. Data are regenerated in a new form and sent over a Cat5 cable to the second device on the DAC end.

There are two ways to take advantage of LANRover’s unique capabilities. First, as an isolation regenerator between the computer and DAC, which will likely be the more commonly used method. Existing computer/server applications employing USB cable connections are commonplace in high-end audio rooms, and all will benefit from rebuilding the critical interface with LANRover. Second, If the computer is in another room and a wired home network is in use, it is easy enough to plug the regenerator/transmitter near the computer into the home’s network router.

LANRover is one of very few devices capable of sending high-resolution audio over a home network without issue. LANRover is the only audio-specific USB network device on the market today, and it is capable of PCM up to 352kHz and double rate DSD.

LANRover has been developed for well over a year by both PS Audio's  engineering department and our partner company, which originated its groundbreaking technology. Our CEO Paul McGowan has been hoarding his personal LANRover in Music Room One for even longer, unwilling to share it with anyone. Paul was deeply involved in optimizing this radical technology for audio. While isolation and extender-devices exist for use with computer peripherals, none have been optimized for audio, and none work as well or sound as good as LANRover. 

Beta-testing of LANRover will begin in late July, 2016. Full production and review samples witll be available shortly thereafter. MSRP of LANRover is $599.00 in the US; prices may vary in export markets.