The 78 RPM heaven

Stig Bjorge, Naoto Kurosawa and Jonathan Carr spinning 78rpm 10-inch VINYL RECORDS ON EMT-927 turntable. Yes, some real 78rpm shellac like Kitty, Daisy & Lewis "THE THIRD”, Satcmo…

Few more photos and notes from Jonathan Carr - Lyra:

"We were using various cartridges, Yamaha MC-100, Lyra Kleos, Ortofon MC70 Anniversary, EMT... Together with the two cartridge photos, you may see that the signal wiring is brought out as an unbroken length of multi strand litz, soldered (carefully) to the cartridge pins, run along the outside of the tonearm tube and routed directly to the phono stage input. Although risky, this is a much better-sounding method than relying on the low-pressure non-wiping electrical contact of a standard universal headshell connector, likewise for the stock wiring inside the armtube of the 12-inch Ortofon tonearm.

The Yamaha, Ortofon and EMT were wired thusly, while the Kleos was used unsoldered, through the Ortofon tonearm's stock internal wiring.”