Trinity Master Reference AC conditioner NEW

First picture of the "Trinity Master Reference AC conditioner", which will be used at the upcoming AE Super show next week. This is the heart of the TRINITY AC conditioner line. It contains a huge power line filter with attenuation above 100dB from 10kHz to 1GHz. In addition in contains separate ground filters for each outlet.

The matching smaller device of this line is the "Trinity Master Reference AC conditioner and distributor". This device is part of the upcoming rack and will distribute additionally filtered power supply to the smaller devices, which are placed inside the rack.

These 6 filter paths are mounted in a "regular" small enclosure and of course each filter path has also an additional ground line filter for each outlet, which isolate the devices. Whereby in this case each outlet is limited to 0.5A, which is more than enough for PC, touchscreen, phono, preamp, dac and turn table.