Vertere Acoustics ultimate reference vinyl playback system

The Real Deal? Vertere Acoustics RG-1 + Reference Record Player I + Reference Tonearm + STAGE-1. Here is the official info regarding this ultimate analog playback system...

Reference Isolation Platform STAND-1 Reference Equipment Support 

This is probably the world's first complete reference vinyl record playing system bringing musical experience from vinyl closest to the original recording - master tape or the high resolution digital file. The authority, sheer musical portrayal of the performance, accuracy, detail, the darkest of backgrounds and lifelike dynamics experienced is second to none. 
STAGE-1 gr STAND-1 are the extension of the RG-1 Record Player I 

Reference Tonearm combination making a complete vinyl replay system that is almost impervious to what it is supported on. Note that it isn't just isolation of the record player that is important. It is how that isolation impacts on the internal 'suspension' of the record player. When a system with several degrees of freedom is introduced in a record player, the integrity of that system working in sympathy with the record player becomes paramount in ensuring faithful musical reproduction. Almost any type of 'foreign' isolation system used with a high performance record player will have severe consequences resulting in loss of dynamics, clarity, detail timing and musicality. That is exactly why the Vertere Reference Record Player System has been designed as an entity. Although in situations where there is a solid floor there is no requirement for the STAGE-1 and/or STAND-1, the addition of them would enhance the performance of the record player beyond imaginable. 

The reason being movements and noises that are present in almost any floor. These can be of such low frequency and amplitude that generally go unnoticed. But not without adverse effect on the music played back! This Vertere Reference system deals with such movements and noises like no other, providing the tonearm/cartridge/record interface with the calmest environment to do their job. 

Experience 'The Real Deal' and enjoy recorded music like never before, 

Fully Mechanical Isolation System
Top Plate Level Adjustment 
Isolation Filter Frequecny Adjustment 
20mm Cast Acrylic Support Chassis 
10mm Anodised Aluminium Alloy/Cast Acrylic Sandwiched Top Plate Stainless Steel/Cast Acrylic Sandwiched Weight Compensation Disc 
Integrated 6mm Nonresonant Clear Cast Acrylic Dust Cover 
Anodised Aluminium Alloy Adjustable Support Foot *
LED Illumination System & Power Supply 

Fully Mechanical Isolation Ez 'Grounding' System 

STAGE-1 internals consist of a complex mechanical system allowing several degrees of freedom which supports the Aluminium Alloy/Cast Acrylic sandwiched top plate. 

The main, undamped, vertical motion frequency can be adjusted down to almost 0.5 Hz to provide filtering of unwanted vibrations above this frequency. The result is an undisturbed support, as close to a perfect 'ground' as possible for the top plate that the record player sits on. 

There are also several soft silicone strips, 8 torsional frequency adjusting metal columns plus level and frequency adjusting 'springs' to ensure that the platform moves, in all directions, in full harmony with record player's internal decoupling and isolation system. 

As stated above, simply isolating 'large' floor movements that cause feed-back and stylus jumping is not and should not be our objective. 

The system should also eliminate 'small microscopic' movements that are present in the ground, floor and the structure of the building. 

This task should be achieved with-out affecting the record player's ability to extract information from the groove. So the replay of music is with integrity and without loss of timing, musicality or dynamics. 

The STAGE-1 Reference Isolation Platform is an extension of the record player and enhances its performance.