Vitus MP-T201 is their flagship CD transport

“Vitus MP-T201 is their flagship CD transport that will partner with its supposedly partner, the MP-D201 (DAC), will be playing for the first time to the Malaysian audiophile at the coming KLAV 2016. 

I have convinced Hans-Ole Vitus to purposefully built this CD transport to be partnered with my MP-D201 for the show after my positive experience with what is possible with Vitus' digital expression and technology. Many know of Vitus' analogue, pre and power audio components' performance, but few are exposed to their digital components' performance. I dare say that Vitus' DAC performs equally great! I felt strongly about Vitus DAC (MP-D201) that I did a review at Mono & Stereo that cause a bit of skepticism and stirs. 

Here, we have many audiophile whom are dedicated to the digital format still prefer to spin the silver discs. 

Therefore, I welcome all to join me at Swedish Statement's exhibition room at KLAV 2016 to listen to Vitus' "Ultimate Digital Expression" (VUDE) that premier for the first time here. Joining VUDE is the latest electronics from Vitus Signature Series, the S103 pre amp and stereo amp!

Truly an invitation to cheer us up...Vitus' Style!” - Dato’ Danon Han