Aitios Audio LV 403 Phono Line preamplifier

Aitios Audio LV 403 Phono Line preamplifier take on the ultimate line and phono preampfification with twenty-two double triode tubes under the hood...

This no-compromise tube amplifier is the ultimate proof. This preamplifier is characterized by an impressive musicality and a fabulous reproduction of the tiniest details, the spaciousness of an orchestra and the acoustic space around each instrument with a three-dimensional depth. 

One perceives the dynamics and the transients within the tutti and the fortissimos. If the very best power amplifiers (like Aitos) are used, then we feel only the loudspeakers limit the performance of this preamplifier. The LV 403 has the same tube line amplifier as the LV 305 for CD/Tuner/Aux reproduction. The LV 403 has a reference all tube phono amplifier for RIAA equalisation of vinyl of the highest quality as well as a reference all tube pre-pre amplifier for moving coil cartridges. Furthermore, the LV 403 has three independently functioning connections for Tape / DAT / Digital Recorders e.g., one could listen to the tuner, while a LP is recorded. The LV 403 is provided with three outputs per channel, of which one is adjustable, e.g. for connecting two stereo or four mono power amplifiers for bi-amping purposes, subwoofers or a second hi-fi set.

MC/MM stage: only tubes

Tubes are seldom applied in pre-pre amplifiers, as it is extremely difficult to adequately amplify the tiny signals from a moving coil cartridge without hum and noise. However, tubes have the distinct benefits of dynamics, spaciousness, details, in short of being there!

Aitos designed an unique circuitry for this pre-pre stage, giving a very good signal to noise ratio. You’ll immediately notice the difference with circuits where transformers or solid state are used in the MC/MM stage. 

Twenty-two double triode tubes

In the Aitos LV 403 twenty-two selected and matched double triodes are used which are trimmed for long life. Dedicated soft start circuitry ensures a long tube life and protects the power amplifiers and the loudspeakers during the turn-on and turn-off cycle. The phono stage can be switched on separately; as to improve long tube life and to reduce power consumption as only the line stage is being used for listening to e.g. computer audio or tuner.

Headphone amplifier

A special headphone amplifier has been integrated to drive high quality dynamic headphones such as the Sennheiser HD 800, AKG 701 or the Grado 1000. This headphone amp is controlled by a separate, independent volume control. A transistor amplifier stage is used, because the current enclosure does not allow tube amplification.