Analog vs digital in 21st century

First and foremost. We came far and I’m utmost enthusiastic about the progression of digital and analog in last few years.

As digital side of audio reproduction advanced with DACs, turntables and associated equipment also moved forward with actual, push forward technological concepts. 

On the upper plane the distinctions are not that far fetched as they were back in days. This certainly shows the path of factual move forward mentality and not only finer jewelry case exploration of visual bling.


Not really. At quiet listening the distinctions are not as evident as with higher volume. Some things are masked with low level, but its easier to determine the objective conclusions with the more real life listening levels. It takes a lot of time, efforts and dedication of fine tuning and final adjustment s of analog and digital rig and thats why many conclusions are too quickly drawn. In order to achieve the best out of both worlds and to give fair assumptions occupies far more time, that I want to. Still, its something that yours dearly and my audience expect. 

I’ve put my mind, focus and not the less invest funds into this quest of top tiers of the industry with more coming in the near future. It’s a personal quest and urge to explore and experience what is possible. Finding the synergy, balance and to provide a fair environment is a must. 

There are still strong advocates to two completely different approaches. On positive note, a lot of people found how the only way to find inner peace is with proper balance of owning state of the art DAC and turntable as permeant sources.

And the ultimate question… Is there a clear winner!? Analog side seems to still offer certain level of the real scale drama where tempo, spirit and articulation leads the way to the closer and more intimate sonic nirvana, reflecting real music in more sublime way. But!!! Digital is darn near close and in some instances even correlating on similar grounds as analog. Sometimes the foundation of mids and bass runs in favor of digital, but that correlate closely to many of finer adjustment of the turntable like VTA, SRA, tracking force etc. 

I understand the urge to get the perfected digital audio front with all the high resolution releases, streaming options and easiness of handling. Pushing vinyl setup up to the maximum and all the handling associated is not for everyone. More or less it takes a continuing engagement and repeated adjustments that can lead to the endlessness of operational endeavors. Mechanical mad part of me manages to embrace it quite safely :). 

I’m sure we’ll be all exposed to some very special newcomers in upcoming months and years. Godspeed!

Stay tuned…  

Matej Isak