Octave Audio KT 120 10 W tube and headphone amplifier NEW

"Two days left before the factory is closing the doors for two weeks. Time to tell you about the course which is set for the rest of the year 2016. It's exciting because we are working hard for an all new model. And this will be amazing in two respects. First of all it will be a new technology for Octave: Single Ended. And the second aspect is the design. Which fits perfectly to the idea behind the unit. It will be a headphone amplifier. A strong one with 10 watts. Therefore you can use it as an amplifier for high efficiency loudspeakers (like horn systems for example) as well. And together with three switchable inputs (one balanced), remote control, different connectors for the headphones and switchable impedance it is a really sophisticated development. 

The first PCB is ready and after the vacation the prototype is playing. We will see this new member of the product range - with KT 120 tubes at the end - in November. We think this will be a hot extension of the Octave product world. And believe me, it's different to what you know!"