Rare Ginette Neveu historical vinyl recording

Rare Ginette Neveu historical recording. Early made in France on LVDSM FJLP 5037, recorded in 1946. This is its very first LP pressing in mono label, and issued in baguette cover. Program: Chausson-PoƩme, Debussy-Sonata for violin and piano, Ravel, Tzigane. Ginette Neveu was, for 14 years, one of the most promising musicians of the twentieth century, a violin virtuoso who dazzled audiences in her native France with her performances, and listeners around the world with her recordings. She is remembered today for the promise of her few recordings, and the tragedy of her early death in an airplane crash in Azores island. She made her earliest recordings before the war in Berlin, but her adult recording career didn't begin until 1945 at HMV Records studios in London, and its French subsidiary LVDSM. Accompanied by the newly founded Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Walter Susskind, she recorded the Sibelius Violin Concerto in D minor on November 21, 1945.

Her performance, squeezed in on an off-day between concerts, was so intense that her neck and chin were bleeding at the end of the day-long recording session. In August of the following year, she set down the Brahms Violin Concerto in D Major with the Philharmonia conducted by Issay Dobrowen, and the Chausson, Debussy and Ravel short pieces "Her masterworks". - Saulo Zucchello.