Rockport Lyra speakers NEW

“The Lyra is an extremely difficult speaker to build. It has been in design for three years. We committed to take the first pair in August 2015. To our knowledge no other speaker cabinet is as quiet. Each speaker weighs more than 500 pounds. The cabinet consists of two 1.5″ thick aluminum castings, one inside the other with 150 pound of elastic damping material between them. There are no fasteners of any kind between the two complex castings. The assembly is very time consuming. After assembly, the casting must be finished which is another long process. Very few will ever be built because of the intensive effort required to assemble and finish each speaker. The price is $149,500 per pair delivered setup and voiced. If you can make that level of investment, it is well worth it. The price includes our installation and alignment in your room. A full day must be allowed for this process and requires our two-person team. The expertise and knowledge of our team is part of what you get when you buy Lyra from us. No simple geometry or any other computer aided process is a substitute for our team that knows music and does setup by listening.  

The Lyra is a 3.5 way system using 5 drivers. The crossover is complex. Once each speaker is finalized the crossover is encased in material to prevent vibration from inducing distortion into the individual crossover components. Each speaker is finalized by the designer, including auditioning in the Rockport sound room.”

Via -  The Sound Environment