The Electric Recording Company vinyl arrived

I don’t think the day simply cannot get any better. Helix 1 turntable is set up and as cherry on the top of the cake, The Electric Recording Company Leonid Kogan plays the Brahms Violin Concerto22 vinyl release just arrived at my door stop. 

I have a soft spot for such artisan approach. When music is put on the pedestal and into realms of bespoke, finer things where everything is slow paced for a reason, you can call me both entrapped and enchanted. 

The Electric Recording Company took the unique path of reviving the rare and precious gems from the past in the form of pure analog medium. Whole process that include meticulously restored vintage tube machinery from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s along with time consuming brass letterpress print process by specialized printmakers surely ensures something very different and unique. In the era where some of the used vinyl can fly rocket high ERC venture and products seems not at all far fetch from reality check. 

Later in the night where everything settles down I’ll turn on my own vinyl time machine and dive into the sonics of this album with my complete sensory machinery in full motion. 

You can get a fine glimpse of the painstakingly replicated paper work on the photos below. Stay tuned for the second part.  

Stay tuned for the second part.