Trafomatic Audio Experience One reference monoblocks NEW

"We don’t want to hold back anything even at the low powered monoblocks. Why, because we don’t have to and because we know how to tame tube amplifiers properly. For a radical change, we hide nothing, we don’t alter the sound and we don’t equalize the outcome. 

Meet the Trafomatic Audio Experience One reference monoblocks. Yes, the original was good enough to last eight mighty years and it was about time to refresh the sound with quite few new tricks  under the hood."

New Experience One reference monoblocks represents purest and passion full 4W per channel served via ECC 81 driver and 2A3 power tubes. Uniquely, 5U4G servers as dedicated rectifier for output stage and EZ80 as rectifier for input stage.

As always we’re inviting you to join the balkan high-end audio revolutionary evolution.