TWIN PEAKS Original Score LP update

"When we announced our TWIN PEAKS LP release this week, we said that nobody should miss out on this reissue - and we meant it! Though we've sold out of the stock in the Mondo warehouse, there are still TWO ways you can get your hands on the record: 

1. Support your local record shop! TWIN PEAKS will be available retail stores worldwide on September 9th. And select participating stores will be hosting a TWIN PEAKS coffee and pie event on Tuesday, September 6th, with a preview sale of the soundtrack."

Coffee & Pie Events will be taking place at these locations:

Music Millennium – Portland, OR
Seasick Records – Birmingham, AL
Amoeba Hollywood – LA, CA
Burger Records – Fullerton, CA
Dark Delicacies – Burbank, CA
Redscroll – Wallingford, CT
Park Ave CDs – Orlando, FL
Criminal Records – Atlanta, GA
Reckless Records – Broadway – Chicago, IL
Reckless Records – Wicker Park – Chicago, IL
Luna Music – Indianapolis, IN
Down In The Valley – Golden Valley, MN
Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY
Mississippi Records – Portland, OR
Grimey’s – Nashville, TN
End Of An Ear – Austin, TX
Waterloo – Austin, TX
Easy Street – Seattle, WA
Scarecrow Video – Seattle, WA
Stoup Brewery / Seattle, WA
Diverse Music, Newport, United Kingdom
Bear Tree Records, Sheffield, United Kingdom

2. You can pre-order TWIN PEAKS now through our website. We expect to begin shipping pre-order copies late October. Any orders placed before today (8/12, Central Time) will be shipping immediately.

NOTE: There are no variant versions of this record. All orders, pre-orders and retail copies have the same packaging & disc colorway.

We're overwhelmed by all the support behind this release! Thank you so much.