Ultimate Audio A120 class A hybrid power amplifiers

Ultimate Audio A120 pure A Class hybrid power mono blocks were designed with one goal in mind… To drive any speakers to the full potential without loosing any of the musical qualities. 

It takes two month to manufacture these power amplifiers, that uses triode tube input stage and mosfet output stage.


rated power: 120 Watts pure class A
power indicator: Barregraph (display function)
Circuit without global feedback
Hybrid Technology: triode input and Mosfet on output stage
Circuit teflon gold plated for tube amplification stage
Damping factor:> 800
Harmonic Distortion: <0 .02="" 1="" 8="" i="" ohm="" w="">
SNR:> 115 dB
Bandwidth: 0.5 Hz to 300 kHz
rise time: <1 i="" s="">
Power: fully stabilized electronically with over 110,000 microfarads
Standby function controlled by the Pre-Amplifier
1 RCA input and XLR input 1
1 BNC input: control stand by
Dimensions: width: 520 x 635 x 250 mm (height including ball feet)
Weight: 45 Kgs

Direct sale price: 18 000 euros for the pair