Weizhi Precision Gold Clamp 50 Heavy Graphite LP-Clamp

Gold Clamp 50 Heavy Graphite LP-Clamp material is special ordered from German graphite manufactory. It is made by a kind of rare copper-graphite. Thorough a precise computer analysis and sophisticated process of production, we use a specific percentage of German purified red-copper and graphite to create this kind of new complex material. 

This kind of new complex material not only keep the original clear and transparent characteristics of most graphite cushions, but also increase the splendid and high density texture of red-copper for our products.

By adjusting the percentage of components, we successfully combine the two different sound-character materials, emphasis the character of them, and accomplish the unique sound characteristic of Gold Clamp 50 Heavy Graphite LP-Clamp.


Φ:75 x H:50mm

List Price :
1pcs / box USD855.00

1pcs / box