YG Acoustics In-house CNC machining of circuit boards

YG Acoustics In-house CNC machining of circuit boards:

YG Acoustics is famous for manufacturing nearly everything in-house. Circuit boards are no exception. Photos below shows Hailey circuit boards being CNC-machined on YG Acoustics' large-format mill. This method is quite unusual, and much more costly than traditional etching. However, it offers several advantages:

1. High power handling: the gap between copper traces is several millimeters wide, versus the microscopic gaps that etching would generate. This ensures perfect insulation and reliability, even at very high voltages.

2. Excellent conductivity: a very thick layer of copper can be used, since milling doesn't suffer from thickness-limitations like etching would. This eliminates parasitic resistances in the crossover.

3. The sonic impact of this meticulous attention to detail is immediately apparent: superior dynamic contrast, a sense of ease to the sound, and a highly natural "flow" of energy in the midrange.