Artisan Fidelity Technics Sp10Mk3 NGS turntable in Bentley Sand Silver

Christopher Thornton from Artisan Fidelity just send over photos of gorgeous Technics Sp10Mk3 NGS model finished in Bentley Sand Silver with Kuzma 4Point (14" Long model).


Primary Direct Drive Motor - Technics Matsushita designed SP10Mk3 Brushless DC Motor
External Logic Controller - Technics SP10Mk3 Factory unit / serviced / 2 year warranty
Interface Module - On/Off and 33/45/78rpm selector switch and Ground post
Proprietary Heat treated / aged Aircraft Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Exoskeleton plinth design, constrained layer damped Panzerholz and advanced Copolymer composite infrastructure.
Quiet Core Bearing Drain - High Mass Active type using integrated Stillpoints technology 
Finish - Black Micro Suede (Colors optional)
Dimensions - 628 x 528 x 153 mm
Instrument Weight - 105 kgs. / 232 lbs.
Platter Mat - High Purity Copper based alloy precision CNC milled (Replaces factory Technics stock rubber mat)
Armboards - German Panzerholz, Stainless Steel and Marine Brass optional, accommodates - (2/ea.) 9"-12" effective length tonearms including tangential and fixed bearing types.