Dicogs vinyl record Breaking Numbers

Read the words, “Marketplace analysis” or “database highlights,” and you may find yourself immediately hitting the back button on your browser. However, we’ve found that the numbers we’ve collected from the Discogs Marketplace and Nielsen Mid-Year Report tell us a story of just how much the music industry can change within a year.

So far, 2016 continues to see Vinyl/LPs make a comeback and is making a mark in physical music sales. Vinyl/LPs continue to be one of the most submitted and most popular selling format in our Marketplace. Along the same lines, cassette sales continue to trend upward at a staggering pace. Digital music sales have continued to decline with more folks latching on to streaming services like Spotify.

According to the Nielsen Mid-Year Report and Discogs Marketplace sales data:

CD sales were down 11.6% over 2015 with a total of 50,000,000 copies sold. Discogs Marketplace CD sales have increased by 27.93%.
Digital album and digital track sales were both down year-over-year with digital albums down 18.4% and track sales down 23.9%.
Vinyl/LP sales were up 11.5% year-over-year with a total of 6,200,000. Discogs reflects the same trend with Vinyl sales in our Marketplace up by 23.5%.
New physical album sales were at 21,200,000 – down 20% year-over-year.
Cassette sales in the Discogs Marketplace continue to trend upward, with a 42.59% increase over last year.
The highest number of Discogs Database submissions were Files, making up 33.82% of submissions. The second highest number of submissions were of the Vinyl variety, making up 32.28% of submissions.
Overall Catalog sales* (releases 18 months or older) decreased by 8% and New Releases decreased by 20% over 2015.
Comparatively, Catalog sales in the Discogs Marketplace increased by 26% with 558,805 more sales than New Releases. Discogs’ New Release sales have increased by 25% over last year.
*Nielsen’s Catalog sales include physical albums, digital albums, and digital tracks. Discogs Catalog sales include physical albums only.

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