Elly Audio speakers and E70 integrated amplifier NEW

Here is another upcoming audiophile oriented Kickstart project. Elly Audio audio small stand mount monitor speakers were designed with the collaboration of Ars Aures Audio…

“Live event or music reproduction? Most of audiophiles have this dilemma. At Elly Audio we strongly believe that BALANCE and TONAL NATURALNESS could be right solution, working as a perfect bridge between the 2 edges of matter.

Because the main obstacle to a right Music reproduction, respect live event, is the different temporal alignment phase, regarding various range frequencies (High, Mid and Bass, besides complex cross among them) which almost totality of Hi Fi loudspeakers being on market show up.

A True stress test powered by most perfect measure instrument Nature offers: human ear.

Elly loudspeaker recreates in a superb way its temporal alignment, due its selected components and crossover, entirely handly assembled and realized with state of the art elements.
In order to achieve an astonishing natural sound.”

Type: Two way bass reflex
Nominal impedance: 8 ohm
Sensitivity: 86 db
Frequency range: 59hz – 20khz
Crossover: 6db/octave
Crossover frequency: 2200hz
N.A.P.C. Natural Alignment Phase Crossover
Components: 1 woofer 5″ handcoated paper cone, 1 tweeter 1″ fabric dome
Cabinet: H.D.F. 30mm thickness
Dimension (HxWxD): 420mmx183mmx255mm (spikes included)
Finish: High Glossy Pure White