Gold Note Donatello and Gold Donatello Red NEW

Gold Note - the Italian High-End manufacturer based in Firenze – has announced the release of Donatello, the new MC cartridge available in two models: Donatello Gold (low output level) available at an MSRP of 950€ and Donatello Red (high output level) available at an MSRP of 650€. Gold Note is increasing its commitment with analog, as Vasari MM cartridge was also recently announced, and Donatello will be a very interesting upgrade for those vinyl lovers willing to step into the MC world.Donatello features a solid body of machined Duraluminum, a rigid Aluminum cantilever and a Micro Elliptical diamond exclusively developed in collaboration with Adamant-Namiki.

“The idea was to bring some of the premium features introduced on our flagship lines into a lighter, smaller body in order to create a cartridge compatible with a wide range of tonearms, without compromising the design and the build quality” - explained Gold Note’s Maurizio Aterini - “for instance, to ensure structural perfection the diamond tip is locked in a stiffened aluminum cantilever that is supported by a titanium telescopic pipe.”Donatello also features long gold-plated pins for better connection and both models can be matched easily with any MC and MM phono pre-amplifier.Maurizio added: “I really wish to offer to audiophiles the cartridge they deserve, with great audio performances, superior build quality and irresistible aesthetic appeal.”Donatello Gold and Donatello Red are available worldwide through Gold Note dealers.


Duraluminium machined body 
Aluminum cantilever 
Copper coil wire Samarium-Cobalt magnet 
Micro Elliptical diamond 
suggested tracking weight: 1.8 - 2.1g 
output level: 0.5mV 
frequency response: 10-40KHz 
impedance: 40Ohm 
weight: 7g